GST And Accounting

GST is a newly introduced taxing system that is considered to be the culmination of all the indirect taxes to a single tax regime. Companies or firm or person buying or selling goods or providing services have to register themselves under GST structure to avail the benefits of input tax credit. GST registration will become mandatory once the company crosses the threshold limit. The proposed GST is two tiered structure in which the tax would be levied by both the Centre and the State on all services and goods produced, manufactured and imported in India. The registered entities will be required to file GST returns even if the entity has not done any business during any period.

We at Arham have a special division and a dedicated team of tax experts for filling GST return smoothly. So you can focus on the core business activities management and we would take care of GST filing compliance including data-entry of Purchase & Sales Invoices at Customer’s business premises in GSTN formats.

Accounting system implementation and integration can be considered as the backbone of business and we offer multi-faceted accounting services that can complement your surge in volume and operations. Our end to end services would standardize processes and would ensure greater control over different transaction activities. Uncertain policies often expose businesses to excessive cash loss and inefficient risk management; which however can be totally nullified through proper planning and budgeting. We determine, revenue- generation opportunities, design customized operating models, and submit timely financial reports that cause cost reduction and profit improvement.

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